Three Legs Pe Pa Kao

Posted on December 16, 2010


If you’re familiar with Three Legs Cooling Water or Cool Rhino, consider yourself acquainted with the Wen Ken Group.

The Singapore-based natural Chinese medicine and pharmaceutical company’s latest product is Three Legs Pe Pa Kao.

Three Legs Pe Pa Kao

Three Legs Pe Pa Kao is pe pa kao with a twist – it is a cough and throat remedy packaged to suit the lifestyle of the modern consumer.

3 features that set Three Legs Pe Pa Kao apart from regular pe pa kao

Good for beauty and health

Specially concocted with Loquat leaves, Pear, Honey and 13 other premium Chinese herbs, Three Legs Pe Pa Kao uses a special

Herbs found in Three Legs Pe Pa Kao

preparation that retains the best essence of these herbs.

It contains Chuan Bei which nourishes the lungs, reduces phlegm and provides effective throat relief. It is good also for the prevention of cough, sore throat and to protect one’s voice.

The Wen Ken Group takes pride in the fact that Three Legs Pe Pa Kao contains 70% honey. This is a healthier alternative to pe pa kao that is made with malt. Honey, a natural sugar, is known to nourish the skin.

Pe Pa Kao is halal certified so all can enjoy.

Longer, lingering soothing taste

Three Legs Pe Pa Kao contains a higher dosage of peppermint in its concoction for a more refreshing taste.

The texture is just thick enough to coat the throat effectively and prolong the effect of soothing goodness.

Flip-top cap

Special packaging for great convenience

Three Legs Pe Pa Kao comes in a light plastic bottle with an excellent grip, perfect for the modern-day consumer who is always on the go.

Noteworthy is Three Legs Pe Pa Kao’s flip-top cap and non-drip feature which means no sticky residue for quick and clean storage. This eliminates the common problem with regular pe pa kao bottles – sticky caps that become difficult to open during subsequent use.

Three Legs Pe Pa Kao is available at all NTUCs, Unity Healthcare Pharmacies, Polyclinics, Changi Hospital Pharmacy, OG, Chinese Medical Halls and mini marts. It retails for $2.80 (90 ml) and $3.80 (180 ml).

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